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Genesis of the Western Worldview

It is now a general opinion that the present, atheistic worldview is the product of unshakeable scientific truth, of real knowledge. However, the details surrounding the historical transformation of Western thinking, exhibited in this work, render such a view doubtful.

The problem starts with historiography. Various episodes and people crucial for understanding our present, although still traceable, are hidden from students and treated sometimes like well-guarded secrets – a distortion that is deep-rooted. If academic textbooks deal with certain historic events at all, then they interpret them romantically, skip the driving personalities or omit the motivations. In this sense, academia is not very different from the mainstream liberal media and Hollywood.

We often hear that a layperson cannot achieve results comparable with those of professionals. Although this statement seems plausible, it is contestable because all too often the state schooling system becomes more encumbering than helpful to students as they attempt to acquire knowledge. By contrast, a non-professional’s ambition for knowledge is spared such a burden.


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